Young Lions 2017

The Cannes Young Lions competition is available for young professionals under 30 years of age, and takes place over a 48 hour period. The brief for the film category in 2017 was to create a 30 second advertisement that encouraged young people to care about politics.

Our concept was simple: democracy is like a household, and there are shared responsibilities in order to maintain it. The mother represents the everyday political citizen, while the son represents a new generation plagued with entitlement. Awkward interactions between the two illustrate how indifferent the young generation is to issues that affect their surroundings.

The tagline, "be more than a guest" hopefully encourages young people to be more than a guest in their own country, and be the change they want to see in their own democracy. 


Client: The Globe and Mail
Direction and Cinematography: Tom Kucy
Direction and Editing: Meghan Fenske